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FireWire 400 Color



The Imaging Source FireWire 400 color industrial cameras are highly suited to challenging machine vision applications. The cameras ship with sensitive Sony CCDs, which have been designed to deliver megapixel resolution. The extremely robust FireWire 400 color cameras deliver outstanding image quality and can run maintenance-free for many years. The compact, robust housing, together with competitive pricing and highly compatible software, ensure The Imaging Source FireWire 400 color industrial cameras are the perfect solution for a broad range of machine vision applications.

  • Windows Software: The Imaging Source authors and supports device drivers for LabView, HALCON, DirectX, Twain and WDM, the SDK IC Imaging Control and software tools for Microsoft Windows.
  • Linux Software: The Imaging Source authors and supports open source drivers and end-user software for Linux, the source code of which is released under Apache 2.0 license.
  • Resolution: VGA to 0.8 MP.
  • Frame rate: Up to 60 fps.
  • Dimensions: 50.6 x 50.6 x 56 mm.
  • Color Sony CCD sensors.
  • Standard FireWire 400 cable in various lengths.
  • Compatible to C and CS mount lenses.
  • High performance and competitive price.
  • High stability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.
 Order CodeResFPSFormatSensorTrigI/O
Subject to change
The Imaging Source DFK 31BF03.HDFK 31BF03.H1024x768301/3 "ICX204AK11
The Imaging Source DFK 21AF04DFK 21AF04640x480601/4 "ICX098BQ
The Imaging Source DFK 41BF02.HDFK 41BF02.H1280x960151/2 "ICX205AK11
The Imaging Source DFK 41AF02DFK 41AF021280x960151/2 "ICX205AK
The Imaging Source DFK 21AF618DFK 21AF618640x480601/4 "ICX618AQA
The Imaging Source DFK 31BF03DFK 31BF031024x768301/3 "ICX204AK1
The Imaging Source DFK 21BF04.HDFK 21BF04.H640x480601/4 "ICX098BQ11
The Imaging Source DFK 21BF618.HDFK 21BF618.H640x480601/4 "ICX618AQA11
The Imaging Source DFK 21BF618DFK 21BF618640x480601/4 "ICX618AQA1
The Imaging Source DFK 41BF02DFK 41BF021280x960151/2 "ICX205AK1
The Imaging Source DFK 31AF03DFK 31AF031024x768301/3 "ICX204AK
The Imaging Source DFK 21BF04DFK 21BF04640x480601/4 "ICX098BQ1
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