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FireWire CCD Mono



The Imaging Source FireWire CCD monochrome board cameras consolidate a number of advantages into one compact industrial device: Excellent image quality and an ultra-fast FireWire interface. These FireWire CCD monochrome board cameras ship with very sensitive Sony CCD sensors, which deliver a sharp, high-contrast video stream and provide a frame rate of up to 60 fps. The board cameras are priced to be competitive and are therefore suited to cost-sensitive applications in the fields of industrial automation, quality assurance, security, surveillance and medicine.

  • Windows Software: The Imaging Source authors and supports device drivers for LabView, HALCON, DirectX, Twain and WDM, the SDK IC Imaging Control and software tools for Microsoft Windows.
  • Linux Software: The Imaging Source authors and supports open source drivers and end-user software for Linux, the source code of which is released under Apache 2.0 license.
  • Resolution: VGA to 0.8 MP.
  • Frame rate: Up to 60 fps.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 56 mm.
  • Monochrome Sony CCD sensor.
  • FireWire 400 interface.
  • M12 lenses compatibility.
  • High performance and competitive price.
  • High stability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.
 Order CodeResFPSFormatSensorTrigI/O
Subject to change
The Imaging Source DMM 31BF03-MLDMM 31BF03-ML1024x768301/3 "ICX204AL11
The Imaging Source DMM 31AF03-MLDMM 31AF03-ML1024x768301/3 "ICX204AL
The Imaging Source DMM 21AF04-MLDMM 21AF04-ML640x480601/4 "ICX098BL
The Imaging Source DMM 21BF04-MLDMM 21BF04-ML640x480601/4 "ICX098BL11
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