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FireWire CCD Color



The Imaging Source FireWire CCD color zoom cameras have an integrated lens, the zoom, iris and focus of which can be adjusted manually, using the shipped SDK or end-user software. In addition, the driver is able to adjust the iris and focus automatically. The cameras, which ship with a FireWire 400 interface, are ideally suited to a number of applications in the fields of industrial automation, quality assurance, security, surveillance and medicine.

  • Windows Software: The Imaging Source authors and supports device drivers for LabView, HALCON, DirectX, Twain and WDM, the SDK IC Imaging Control and software tools for Microsoft Windows.
  • Linux Software: The Imaging Source authors and supports open source drivers and end-user software for Linux, the source code of which is released under Apache 2.0 license.
  • Resolution: VGA to 0.8 MP.
  • Frame rate: Up to 60 fps.
  • Color Sony CCD sensors.
  • Dimensions: 50.6 x 50.6 x 114 mm.
  • FireWire 400 interface.
  • Motorized Zoom f=5 to 45 mm.
  • High performance and competitive price.
  • High stability, flexibility and customer satisfaction.
 Order CodeResFPSFormatSensorTrigI/OPrice
Subject to change
The Imaging Source DFK 31BF03-Z2.HDFK 31BF03-Z2.H1024x768301/3 "ICX204AK11$980.00
The Imaging Source DFK 21AF04-Z2DFK 21AF04-Z2640x480601/4 "ICX098BQ$670.00
The Imaging Source DFK 31AF03-Z2DFK 31AF03-Z21024x768301/3 "ICX204AK$890.00
The Imaging Source DFK 31BF03-Z2DFK 31BF03-Z21024x768301/3 "ICX204AK1$930.00
The Imaging Source DFK 21BF04-Z2DFK 21BF04-Z2640x480601/4 "ICX098BQ1$690.00
The Imaging Source DFK 21BF04-Z2.HDFK 21BF04-Z2.H640x480601/4 "ICX098BQ11$740.00
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