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Newsletters from 2016
February 11, 2016Low-distortion Board Lenses
January 21, 2016Free 1D and 2D Barcode Programming Tool
Newsletters from 2015
December 10, 2015TIS 5 MP High Quality Lenses
October 8, 2015Highly Sensitive WDR Cameras with CMOS Sensor IMX174
September 10, 2015IC Measure: Free Software for On-Screen Measurement
August 13, 2015HD-SDI Video-to-USB 3.0 Converter
July 2, 2015Full HD WDR Cameras with Sony CMOS Sensor IMX236
Newsletters from 2014
December 4, 2014New Industrial Machine Vision Cameras
October 24, 2014Get on board
August 5, 2014Extremely Low Cost Machine Vision
July 3, 201413 Megapixel Auto-Focus Microscope Camera
May 6, 2014Tailor-made Training for HALCON Image Processing Library
April 3, 2014Linux Support for TIS Cameras (Open Source)
February 13, 20145 Megapixel GigE Board Camera with PoE
January 23, 2014New GigE Zoom Cameras
January 16, 201423 Camera Series - Price Reduction
Newsletters from 2013
November 21, 201313 Megapixel Autofocus USB 3.0 Color Camera
September 26, 2013New Sales Office in Munich, Germany
June 27, 2013New Auto Iris GigE Cameras
April 11, 2013New USB 3.0 Compact Cameras
March 7, 2013New Compact FireWire 800 Cameras
Newsletters from 2012
November 1, 2012New 1.2 Megapixel Industrial Cameras
October 11, 2012GigE VGA Cameras
July 19, 2012GigE - 5 MegaPixel - 399 EUR/499 USD
May 8, 2012New: Very Small GigE Cameras
Newsletters from 2011
November 3, 2011Autofocus Industrial Cameras
September 15, 2011Measuring Water Level with Industrial Cameras
March 15, 2011New 2 MegaPixel Industrial Cameras
Newsletters from 2010
November 16, 2010New 5 MegaPixel Industrial Cameras
April 20, 2010GigE Camera controls Auto Iris Lenses
Newsletters from 2009
December 8, 2009USB, FireWire and GigE Cameras from a Single Source
November 10, 2009Windows 7 and Industrial Cameras
October 6, 2009New GigE cameras
June 9, 2009Price cut for FireWire and USB cameras
March 24, 2009New Line of 3 MegaPixel Low Cost Color Cameras
January 21, 2009New PCI-Express Grabber
Newsletters from 2008
December 3, 2008New Zoom Cameras
November 12, 2008Video Converters - OEM Versions Available
September 23, 2008New Low Cost USB Cameras
June 26, 2008Price Cut For FireWire & USB Cameras
June 24, 2008New USB & FireWire Cameras
March 11, 2008Source Code For Movable Crosshairs
February 19, 2008The Imaging Source Announces New Catalog - Order Now!
January 7, 2008Bruce Kendall: The Imaging Source Cameras & Converters
Newsletters from 2007
December 4, 2007New Ring Light With Camera Integration
November 13, 2007Massive Price Cut For FireWire Cameras
June 26, 2007Extending FireWire Cables
May 15, 2007Mark Underexposed & Overexposed Pixels
April 24, 2007Machine Vision In Asia
March 13, 2007Brand New Resource For Developers
February 14, 2007New Line Of CCD Cameras For Amateur Astronomers
January 23, 2007FireWire Camera With Zoom Lens
Newsletters from 2006
November 14, 2006Price Cut For FireWire Cameras
October 10, 2006Source Code - Contrast Enhancement
September 26, 2006Video-to-USB Converter
July 19, 2006FireWire Cameras: Adjusting Parameters
May 31, 2006FireWire Cameras: OEM Versions Now Available
April 4, 2006CCD Cameras: Maximizing The Image Quality
Newsletters from 2005
December 13, 2005Getting Started With IC Imaging Control (SDK)
November 15, 2005FireWire Cameras - Massively Extended Range
October 18, 2005Backgroud Information: Selecting Lenses
May 10, 2005FireWire Camera With Zoom Lens
April 19, 2005New Type Of Color Camera (Bayer)
March 29, 2005New Catalog Now Shipping - Order Now!
March 16, 2005Color Identification With Scorpion Color System
February 22, 2005FireWire Trigger Camera For USD 590 (EUR 490)
January 18, 2005Background Information: How Color Cameras Work
Newsletters from 2004
December 14, 2004TWAIN Driver For FireWire Cameras
November 30, 2004Background Information: Multi-Exposure (CMOS Cameras)
November 2, 2004Background Information: Basic Optics
Newsletters from 2003
October 30, 2003Linux Based Video-to-FireWire Converter
October 16, 2003FireWire Cameras Available Again!
September 30, 2003Vision Software For Only USD/EUR 1125
September 4, 2003Image Acquisition Software
July 1, 2003Low-Cost Image Analysis Software (MontiVision)
June 4, 2003Video-to-FireWire Converter Available Again
April 28, 2003FireWire Cameras: Vision SYSTEM Software
April 15, 2003Free Imaging Development Environment
April 9, 2003Low-Cost Frame Grabber
March 21, 2003Connecting FireWire Cameras To The Internet
March 11, 2003FireWire Cameras: Choosing A Suitable Lens
January 16, 2003FireWire Color Cameras: 2 Different Approaches
Newsletters from 2002
December 13, 2002FireWire: What is DCAM?
November 26, 2002Mac OS X Driver DFG/1394-1e
November 19, 2002Low Cost FireWire Cameras
September 10, 2002Video-for-Windows Applications With DirectX
August 27, 2002Consistent Standardization In Image Processing
July 9, 2002Download SDK For Sony FireWire Cameras
April 12, 2002IC Imaging Control v1.3 Released
January 25, 2002Video-to-FireWire Converter (Uncompressed Acquisition)
January 24, 2002IC Imaging Control v1.1 Released
Newsletters from 2001
December 7, 2001Free Download: Image Acquisition SDK
October 26, 2001Video-to-Firewire Converter & IC Imaging Control
September 21, 2001GP-MF802 Still Available
September 7, 2001Image Acquisition Controlled By Foot Switch
August 10, 2001Free Download of Image Processing Software
July 27, 2001High Resolution Measurement Cameras
July 13, 2001Free Ad Oculos Plug-Ins Download
June 25, 2001New Series of C-Mount Measuring Lenses
May 8, 2001Introducting New Machine Vision SDK: ActivVisionTools
March 28, 2001Standard Software Interface For Frame Grabbers
February 6, 2001Free Software Download To Learn Image Processing
February 1, 2001Application Wizard - Solutions For Your Imaging Problems
Newsletters from 2000
November 13, 2000Application Examples For LED Lighting
October 26, 2000Modularity Advances LED Lighting
October 10, 2000New High Quality Wide-Angle Lens With Fixing Screw
June 20, 2000Learn Image Analysis with Ad Oculos
April 26, 2000Will FireWire Replace Frame Grabbers?
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