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Software Downloads for Microsoft Windows

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The Imaging Source authors and supports device drivers, software development kits (SDKs), programming samples, extensions, end-user software and software tools for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The table below contains the very latest software downloads for Microsoft Windows. Please check back often, as we release software to this page on a weekly basis. Alternatively, subscribe to the RSS feed at the top right of the page.

Device Drivers
v4.4.0.1Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source FireWire 400 Cameras
v5.0.13.327Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source FireWire 800 Cameras
v2.1.0.1866Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source GigE Cameras
v2.7.9.1152Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source USB Cameras
v4.2.0.1Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source Video-to-FireWire Converters
v1.0.16.128Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source DFG/USB2pro
v1.2.0.17Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source Video-to-USB Converters
v6.3.9Requirements Device Driver for The Imaging Source Frame Grabbers
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
v3.3.0.1916Requirements IC Imaging Control .NET Component, C++ Class Library
v3.3.0.5Requirements IC Imaging Control C Library
v3.2.0.0Requirements IC Imaging Control ActiveX
v3.2.0.0Requirements IC Imaging Control ActiveX Runtime Setup
Programming Samples
v1.0.0.0Requirements 1D and 2D Barcode Scanner for IC Imaging Control
v2.2.341.1332Requirements TWAIN Source for IC Imaging Control
v3.2.0.3Requirements Cognex VisionPro AIK Plugin for IC Imaging Control
v2.0.0.3Requirements ActivVisionTools Driver for IC Imaging Control
v3.2.0.0Requirements HALCON Extension for IC Imaging Control
v3.2.0.13Requirements LabVIEW Extension for IC Imaging Control
v1.1.0.0Requirements IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab 10.0 R2010
v3.3.0.0Requirements IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab R2013b
End User Software
v2.3.394.1917Requirements IC Capture, Image Acquisition
v1.0.0.0Requirements IC Fullscreen Presenter
v1.0.0.0Requirements Footswitch software for IC Capture
Software Tools
v2.2.0.2Requirements Processor Idle State Manager
v4.0.0.553Requirements Hot Pixel Correction
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