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USB Bayer Board Cameras

The Imaging Source DBM 31BU03-ML
  • 10 models of industrial USB Bayer board cameras
  • Suitable for users in the area of scientific imaging
  • Color images with up to 60 fps
  • Image capture software included
  • Manufactured by The Imaging Source

Please contact us for more information about the Bayer cameras on this page.

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 Order CodeCategoryTypeResFormatSensorFPSTrigI/OAuto Iris
Subject to change
The Imaging Source DBM 31BU03-MLDBM 31BU03-MLUSB board cameraBayer1024x7681/3 "ICX204AK3011
The Imaging Source DBM 21AU04-MLDBM 21AU04-MLUSB board cameraBayer640x4801/4 "ICX098BQ60
The Imaging Source DBM 31AU03-MLDBM 31AU03-MLUSB board cameraBayer1024x7681/3 "ICX204AK30
The Imaging Source DBM 21BU04-MLDBM 21BU04-MLUSB board cameraBayer640x4801/4 "ICX098BQ6011
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