Recording Bar

This toolbar provides easy access to all functionality that is needed to setup and record a video file.

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The record button prepares the video (pre-allocating memory and disk space) and starts the recording. If the user has prepared the video before by clicking on the pause button image , clicking on the record button will start the recording without any latency.

Select Video File Format


This combo box allows a video file format to be selected.

Select Codec


This combo box allows a codec to be selected, which is used to compress the image data that is written to the video file. In addition, uncompressed formats, such as 'Y800', 'RGB24', 'RGB32' and 'UYVY' are provided. If you want to use the device's video format as an uncompressed format in the video file, you should select 'Unspecified' in the combo box.

Codec Dialog


Most codecs are able to display a dialog that enables the user to alter parameters, such as the compression factor. If a codec provides a settings dialog, this button is enabled. You may open the settings dialog by clicking on this button.

Video File


The name of the video file is displayed in this box.

Change Video File


You have to specify a name for the video file, before you can start the recording or select a codec. Click on this button to do so.

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