IC Imaging Control Standard Filters

IC Imaging Control comes with several standard frame filters. They can be explored with the Filter Inspector application.

The frame filter module stdfilters.ftf contains four filters:

Module Files

The module file stdfilters.ftf is located in the classlib\release directory and the ICImagingControl.ocx's directory (common files directory). The debug compiled version of the module is named stdfiltersd.ftf and is located in the classlib\debug directory of the IC Imaging Control installation path.

Bayer to Y800 Filter

The Bayer to Y800 filter reinterprets the raw color data in BY8 images as Y800. Using this filter, it is possible to display the raw color data. The BY8 image data is de-bayered automatically before the video stream is rendered on screen.

DeBayer Filter

The DeBayer filter is used to convert raw image data into an RGB image. In a raw color image, every pixel represents a value for one basic color, instead of three as is the case for an RGB image. In order to get a real color image, the two missing colors have to be interpolated. This is exactly what this filter does.

DeNoise Filter

The DeNoise filter reduces noise in the frames by averaging a number of frames.

ROI Filter

The ROI filter cuts a region of interest out of the incoming frames. It creates a new output video format.

Rotate Flip Filter

The Rotate Flip filter allows image data to be flipped and rotated in steps of 90 degrees.

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