This is the abstract base class for all sinks objects. A sink specifies the format to which the image stream is converted and it specifies the way in which single frames may be accessed. Sink types derived from this are FrameNotificationSink, FrameSnapSink, FrameQueueSink, MediaStreamSink and the deprecated FrameHandlerSink.


The following example illustrates how to use the BaseSink type, when handling a sink object whose actual type is unknown:

private void CaptureImageSequence( ICImagingControl ic ) { // Save the currently set sink object, using a BaseSink reference. BaseSink oldSink = ic.Sink; // Create a new sink object. FrameSnapSink fhs = new FrameSnapSink(); // Set the new sink. ic.Sink = fhs; // Use the new sink. ic.LiveStart(); // capture 10 images IFrameQueueBuffer[] buffers = fhs.SnapSequence( 10, TimeSpan.FromSeconds( 10 ) ); // ... ic.LiveStop(); // Restore the old sink. ic.Sink = oldSink; }


    Namespace: TIS.Imaging
    Introduced in version 3.0




Property Description

Gets or sets the "running" state of the sink.


Method Description

This property returns a member of the BaseSinkTypes enumeration that describes the type of this sink object.

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