constants.Standard Property Item identifiers

The Standard Property Item identifiers are used to retrieve a VCDPropertyItem from the VCDPropertyItems collection. The ids are passed to the VCDPropertyItems.Find method.
The Standard Property Item identifiers are declared in the class TIS.Imaging.VCDGUIDs.
The Basic Use of VCD Properties article in the Programmer's Guide shows how to use the property item identifiers.
Constant Description
VCDID_Brightness Retrieves the brightness property item.
VCDID_Contrast Retrieves the contrast property item.
VCDID_Hue Retrieves the hue property item.
VCDID_Saturation Retrieves the saturation property item.
VCDID_Sharpness Retrieves the sharpness property item.
VCDID_Gamma Retrieves the gamma property item.
VCDID_ColorEnable Retrieves the color enable property item.
VCDID_WhiteBalance Retrieves the white balance property item.
VCDID_BacklightCompensation Retrieves the backlight compensation property item.
VCDID_Gain Retrieves the gain property item.
VCDID_Pan Retrieves the pan property item.
VCDID_Tilt Retrieves the tilt property item.
VCDID_Roll Retrieves the roll property item.
VCDID_Zoom Retrieves the zoom property item.
VCDID_Exposure Retrieves the exposure property item.
VCDID_Iris Retrieves the iris property item.
VCDID_Focus Retrieves the focus property item.
VCDID_VCRCompatibilityMode Retrieves the VCR compatibility mode property item.
VCDID_AutoReference Retrieves the auto reference value for the exposure property item of the Dxx 21F04 camera series.
VCDID_TriggerPolarity Retrieves the trigger polarity property item.
VCDID_Trigger Retrieves the trigger mode property item.
VCDID_TestPattern Retrieves the test pattern property of the Dxx 21F04 camera series
VCDID_MultiSlope Retrieves the multi slope property item.

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