ICImagingControl.LoadDeviceStateFromFile Method

Restores the device settings saved with ICImagingControl.SaveDeviceStateToFile.
public void LoadDeviceStateFromFile( string filename, bool OpenDevice );
Parameter Description

A file containing device information created by ICImagingControl.SaveDeviceStateToFile.


If this parameter is set to false, the method does not open a new device. if the device stored in the settings is different from the one that is already opened, an error is returned. Otherwise the settings are applied to the device. If this parameter is set to true, the method will open the device specified in the settings.


Introduced in version 2.0


The following example loads device settings from "device.dat" and starts live video:

try { ICImagingControl1.LoadDeviceStateFromFile("device.dat", false); } catch( Exception ex ) { MessageBox.Show(this, "Load device failed. with" + ex); } if( ICImagingControl1.DeviceValid ) { ICImagingControl1.LiveStart(); }
See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.SaveDeviceStateToFile

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