AviCompressor.CompressorDataString Property

Returns or sets a string containing the codec parameters.
public string CompressorDataString;

Introduced in version 3.1


This example shows how to select an AVI compressor, show the its dialog. In this dialog some values should be set. Then the settings are saved in the string variable. In the next step the dialog is shown again to change some values. After the dialog has been closed, the saved settings in the string are passed back to the compressor and the dialog is shown again to validate the restored settings.

AviCompressor Compressor = null; //Set MJPEG Compressor as codec. foreach( AviCompressor codec in AviCompressor.AviCompressors ) { if( codec.Name == "MJPEG Compressor" ) { Compressor = codec; break; } } // Show the property page to set some values. Compressor.ShowPropertyPage(); // Now save these values in a string. String CompressorData = Compressor.CompressorDataString; // Show the dialog again and change the settings. Compressor.ShowPropertyPage(); // Restore the settings from the string. Compressor.CompressorDataString = CompressorData; // Validate the restored settings. Compressor.ShowPropertyPage();

How to use avi compressors is shown in the Capturing an AVI File sample.

See also: MediaStreamSink

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