DeBayer Filter

The DeBayer filter is used to convert raw image data into an RGB image. In a raw color image, every pixel represents a value for one basic color, instead of three as is the case for an RGB image. In order to get a real color image, the two missing colors have to be interpolated. This is exactly what this filter does.

Using the DeBayer Filter

The DeBayer filter is loaded by an application using the following code:

FrameFilter DeBayerFilter; DeBayerFilter = ICImagingControl1.FrameFilterCreate("DeBayer", ""); if( DeBayerFilter == null ) MessageBox.Show("Failed to create DeBayerFilter"); else ICImagingControl1.DeviceFrameFilters.Add(DeBayerFilter);


There are two parameters that control the de-bayering process:

Start Pattern
The parameter Start Pattern defines how the Bayer Mosaic pattern in the raw image data is to be interpreted.
Available start patterns are:
The Mode parameter selects the algorithm used to de-bayer the raw image data.
Available algorithms are:

If the algorithm should be set programmatically, then following code can be used:

// Retrieve the current mode. int mode = DeBayerFilter.GetIntParameter("Mode"); // Set a new Mode. mode = 1; DeBayerFilter.SetIntParameter("Mode", mode);

Property Dialog

All parameters can be accessed using the built-in property dialog. The property dialog of the DeBayer filter is as follows:


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