Application Wizard

This chapter shows how to create a new imaging application, using the application wizard.


The application wizard creates the project for a complete imaging application. The following functionality is available out of the box:

Optional functions are:

How to use

First of all, start Visual Studio. As soon as the Start Page appears, click on the New Project button. If this dialog does not appear, select File -> New -> Project from Visual Studio's menu.

This article describes the wizard for C#.

You should see the following dialog:


Select the icon labeled IC 3.1 C# Application and enter a valid project name into the Name input field, for example "ImageProcessing". Then, click on the OK button. Once this step has been competed, you can set the projects parameters:


Add toolbar check box
When this check box is checked, an toolbar is inserted into the applications form. This check box is not in the dialog application available.
Add image processing functionality check box
When this check box is checked, an image processing method is inserted into the application. For demonstration purposes, the image is inverted.
Process image manually / Process images automatically radio buttons
This setting determines whether: i) the image processing method is applied to a frame only when the user clicks on a menu entry or a button; or whether: ii) the image processing method is applied to all frames.
Display processed image check box
When this check box is checked, the resulting image of the image processing is displayed instead of a live video.

Resulting Application

Once you have followed all the steps on this page, click on the Finish button to finish the project. The project will then be created by the wizard. The newly created application should look as follows:


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