Using tiscamera

To list the cameras attached via CSI or FPD-Link:

tcam-ctrl -l

Output will be in the style of:

Model: DFM 37CX390-ML Serial: 45020098 Type: pimipi

To show a live-stream with this camera a simple example command is:

gst-launch-1.0 tcambin ! ximagesink

This starts the tcampimipisrc with the first camera connected and displays a simple live-stream.

Directly using the tcampimipisrc gstreamer element

The tcampimipisrc package contains 2 gstreamer elements

  • tcampimipisrc, as the actual gstreamer source filter
  • tcamby1xtransform, as a helper filter to convert the packed raw bayer data to video/x-bayer data

When you start a pipeline, you have to convert the input format the sensor delivers via tcamby1xtransform and then bayer2rgb.

A live video window can be started like this:

gst-launch-1.0 tcampimipisrc ! tcamby1xtransform ! bayer2rgb ! ximagesink