MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision whose flexible architecture facilitates rapid development of image processing applications.


MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software solution for industrial image processing (machine vision) and features an integrated development environment (IDE). As one of the world's most comprehensive vision toolboxes, HALCON reduces costs and ensures improved time-to-market. HALCON's flexible software architecture enables rapid application development for industrial and medical image processing and image analysis. In addition to superior performance and GPU acceleration, HALCON also provides extensive support for multi-core platforms and instruction set extensions such as SSE2, AVX and AVX2.

Consulting and Support

  • Distribution and support for MVTec products
  • Consulting and technical support by dedicated staff
  • MVTec Image Acquisition Partner
  • Evaluation of custom applications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Customer-specific projects
  • Training and workshops (MVTec Certified Training Partner)
  • Assistance in porting existing code
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What is HALCON?

HALCON provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for machine vision: HDevelop is a highly interactive environment that enables you to build image processing solutions fast and efficiently - even while acquiring images from a capture device. As soon as you are satisfied with your machine vision program code, you can integrate it easily into your application using HDevEngine or export it as C++, C, C#, or Visual Basic source code.

The HDevEngine (HDevelop Engine), is a library that acts as an interpreter and lets you directly load and execute HDevelop programs and procedures from within your C++, C#, or Visual Basic application. This allows you to change the machine vision part of your application without the need of compiling it.

The full functionality of HDevelop can be used on all operating systems, which are supported by HALCON (Windows x64, Linux x64 and Linux ARM). Thanks to MVTec's extensive experience in industrial imaging, HDevelop is tailored to the needs of machine vision applications with a GUI that is optimized for usability.

Key Features

MVTec's software solution HALCON offers the full set of standard machine vision technologies. Beyond that, HALCON provides many unique features.

3D Vision Methods

  • Multi-view 3D calibration
  • Hand-eye-calibration
  • 3D alignment
  • 3D matching
  • 3D surface comparison
  • Circle pose
  • Rectangle pose
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Multi-view stereo
  • Depth from focus
  • Sheet of light
  • 3D object processing
  • 3D primitives fitting
  • 3D scene flow
  • Deflectometry

Unique Techniques

  • Sample-based identification for differentiating a large number of objects
  • Arbitrarily shaped regions of interest (ROIs)
  • Extremely fast morphology and a wide set of subpixel-accurate methods
  • Reading of bar codes and data codes with maximum robustness
  • Processing of extremely large images (more than 32k x 32k)
  • Automatic operator parallelization (AOP)
  • Surface-based 3D matching to find locally deformed objects in 3D data

Matching Techniques

  • Correlation-based matching (NCC)
  • Shape-based matching
  • Component-based
  • Descriptor-based matching
  • Perspective and local deformable matching
  • Shape and surface-based 3D matching
  • Deformable surface-based 3D matching

Deep Learning

  • Deep-learning-based OCR
  • Pre-trained CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) for fast application creation
  • Classification
  • Object recognition
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Data labeling
  • Deep learning inference executed on GPUs, as well as on CPUs

About MVTec

MVTec Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer of standard software for industrial image processing. MVTec products are used worldwide in a range of applications and industries: Semiconductors, electrical components, intralogistics, food and beverage, testing equipment, pharmaceuticals, and research science in addition to many other fields. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, MVTec has a worldwide network of distributors as well as branch offices in Boston, U.S.A.
The Imaging Source is an official MVTec distributor and MVTec Image Acquisition Partner as well as a HALCON Certified Training Partner.

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