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Features.pixelformat Property

Features.pixelformat Property

Set a new pixel format or return the current pixel format.
Feature.SetFeature("pixelformat", "Raw8"); String Result = Feature.GetFeature("pixelformat");
Values Meaning

This pixel format provides the raw data from the video capture device. If a mono video capture device, e.g. a "DMK", is in use, then this is the apropriate pixel format to select.

If a color camera, e.g. "DFK" is use, then the raw data from the CCD will be provided. In this case, a pattern of the Bayer Mosiac filter can be seen. The image appears as gray scale image.


If a color camera, e.g. "DFK" is in use, then Vision Pro will calculate a color image. This pixel format is suitable only on Y800 video formats.


This pixel format is not supported, but implemented for future use. If a color video format, e.g. "UYVY" is in use, then a colored RGB image will be provided. While this format is not supported by Vision Pro AIK now, please do not use it. It is implemented for future use.


This feature can only be set, if no acquisition is running.


The RGB24 pixel format is currently not supported by Vision Pro.

The RAW8 pixel provides valid images only if an Y800 video format is used on a color camera, that delivers raw data.

See also: videoformat

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