IC Imaging Control ActiveX

Distributing your Applications

Distributing your Applications

Using Package and Deployment Wizard

If you create a setup program for your Visual Basic application with the Package and Deployment Wizard that is part of Visual Basic 6, all redistributable files will be included automatically, and you can skip the remainder of this chapter.

Setup Toolkit

If you wish to use a different setup toolkit, the lists below show all the files necessary for IC Imaging Control to operate properly. You must ensure that the files exist on your client's machine and they are the correct version. If your client's machine has older versions of these files, you should update them.

Required Files

ActiveX Component:

  • ICImagingControl.OCX *) **)

Target directory: (Common Files)\IC Imaging Control 3\

Runtime DLLs:

  • TIS_DShowLib07_vc71.dll **)
  • TIS_UDSHL07_vc71.dll **)
  • ICFilterContainer.dll **)

Target directory: (Common Files)\IC Imaging Control 3\

Device Adapters:

  • dvdevice.vda **)
  • tisdcam.vda **)
  • vcc_vp.vda **)

Target directory: (Common Files)\IC Imaging Control 3\

Codec Adapters:

  • mjpeg.tca **)

Target directory: (Common Files)\IC Imaging Control 3\

Standard Frame Filters:

  • stdfilters.ftf **)

Target directory: (Common Files)\IC Imaging Control 3\

DirectShow Filters:

  • IAT_YUV.ax *) **)
  • DeBayerTransform.dll *) **)

Target directory: Windows\System32


  • Msvcp60.dll **)
  • Mfv71.dll **)
  • Msvcp71.dll **)
  • Msvcr71.dll **)

Target directory: Windows\System32


All files marked with *) must be registered using regsvr32.exe. It is very important to copy all files to the target computer, before registering these files. Most setup toolkits have an option to automate this task.

For all files marked with **), you have increase their reference counts in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs. Most setup toolkits have options to perform this step automatically.

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