IC Imaging Control ActiveX

DeNoise Filter

DeNoise Filter

The DeNoise filter reduces noise in the frames by averaging a number of frames.

Using the DeNoise Filter

The DeNoise filter is loaded by an application using the following code:

Dim DeNoiseFilter As FrameFilter
Set DeNoiseFilter = ICImagingControl1.FrameFilterCreateString("DeNoise", "stdfilters.ftf")


The only parameter of the DeNoise filter is the DeNoise Level:

DeNoise Level
The parameter DeNoise Level determines the number of frames to be averaged.
Note: The actual number of frames that are averaged is 2^n, so when setting DeNoise Level to 2, 4 frames are averaged.
This parameter can only be set while the live video stream is stopped.

Property Dialog

The number of frames to be averaged can be adjusted in the filter's property dialog:


Programmatically Access the Parameter

The following source code can be used, if the parameter should be set by an application:

' Retrieve the current denoise level.
Dim level As Long
level = DeNoiseFilter.Parameter("DeNoise Level")

' Set a new denoise level.
level = 3
If Not ICImagingControl1.LiveVideoRunning Then
    ' A new denoise level can only be set, while the live video is stopped.
    DeNoiseFilter.Parameter("DeNoise Level2") = level
End If

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