IC Imaging Control ActiveX

What is new in Version 2.0

What is new in Version 2.0

Description of the changes from IC Imaging Control 1.41 to IC Imaging Control 2.0.

.NET component

With IC Imaging Control 2.0, a .NET component is introduced that provides the same functionality as the OCX. There is separate online documentation for this component. It can be found in the IC Imaging Control start sub menu

Video Capture Device Properties

Video capture device properties provide a generic, hardware independent and extendable way to control the settings of a video capture device. In the following, the shortcut VCD is used for Video Capture Device.


The DCAM Prop DLL is not needed anymore. The special DCAM features can now be accessed and manipulated using the appropriate VCD properties.

A detailed list of equivalent functionality for all functions and procedures of the DCAM Prop DLL can be found in the technical article DCAM_Prop_DLL.


The new ICImagingControl.LivePause property allows to pause both the live display and the delivery of frames to the ImageAvailable event.

Count dropped frames

It is possible to retrieve the number of frames that have been dropped or not dropped with the new functions

Serializing the device state

A new set of functions allows the settings of the currently opened device to be saved to a string or a file and restored.

Built-in Dialogs

ICImagingControl comes with 2 dialogs that allow the user to open a device and adjust device settings.

Saving image buffers

The ImageBuffer class has 2 new methods to save the contents of the image buffer. Images can be saved to JPEG and various BMP files.

Image buffer access

The ImageBuffer class was enhanced with methods to simplify access to the image data.

The ImageBuffer.Lines and ImageBuffer.PixelPerLine properties expose information about the size of the image buffer.

With the new ImageBuffer.ImageDataPtr property, it is possible to retrieve a pointer to raw image data that has been cast to a long value. This value (containing the pointer) can be passed to C functions in a DLL for fast image processing or integration of third-party imaging libraries.


The following methods have been added to the OverlayBitmap class:

New Features Reference

List of all new features

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