IC Imaging Control ActiveX

New Classes

New Classes

List of all classes that have been introduced in IC Imaging Control 3.0


This class represents a generic sink and provides properties and methods that all sinks have in common. A BaseSink can hold either a FrameHandlerSink or a MediaStreamSink. A FrameHandlerSink is used to access individual frames out of the image stream, while MediaStreamSink writes the image stream to a media file.


FrameFilter is the class provides the interface to a filter that was loaded from a filter module. It contains methods to access the filter's parameters, display a configuration dialog and save filter settings.


A FrameFilterInfo object contains information about a frame filter that can be loaded from a frame filter module and instantiated, using ICImagingControl.FrameFilterCreate.


The FrameFilterInfos class contains FrameFilterInfo objectsm describing frame filters that can be loaded from an existing module.


The FrameFilters class represents a chain of FrameFilter objects, that are used to transform the image data along the Device Path, Sink Path and Display Path.


The FrameHandlerSink is the SinkType used to grab (copy) frames from the image stream. It contains an ImageBuffer collection and optionally allows you to specify one or more FrameFilters that are responsible for copying the image data to the ImageBuffers. The FrameFilter implementation can perform user-defined transformations while copying the data, and they can intentionally drop unwanted frames. If no frame filter is registered, the frames are copied to the ImageBuffer collection without being changed.


A FrameType describes the color format and (optionally) dimensions and buffer size of the image format of ImageBuffer objects.


The FrameTypes collection is used to define a list of FrameTypes. A FrameTypes collection is used, i.e. to determine which FrameTypes are accepted by a frame filter or a sink.


A MediaStreamContainer describes a video file format. The most common video file format is AVI.


MediaStreamContainers is a collection of MediaStreamContainer objects. The collection contains all available media stream containers. The ICImagingControl.MediaStreamContainers property returns a MediaStreamContainers collection.


The MediaStreamSink allows video files to be recorded in a more sophisticated manor than is possible using AviStartCapture and AviStopCapture. However, for simple tasks, the methods AviStartCapture and AviStopCapture are better suited, as they are really easy to use. A MediaStreamSink can save image data to video files in various formats and optionally allows you to specify one or more FrameFilters that can analyze and/or transform the image data, before it is written to the video file.

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