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An AnalogChannelItem represents an input of a video capture device.

Some video capture devices such as converters may have one or more input channels. For example, an analog to 1394 converter may have 1 S-Video and 2 Composite inputs. Each input channel is represented by an instance of this class.

This class cannot be used for video capture devices that do not support input channels.


The name of this class may change to InputChannelItem in future versions of IC Imaging Control. Please refer to this class with tInputChannelItem which is a typedef to AnalogChannelItem.


Header File: tisudshl.h
Namespace: DShowLib


Method Description

Constructs a new AnalogChannelItem instance.


Returns a numerical representation of this input channel.


Checks whether this object is valid.


Checks whether two input channel items differ.


Compares the indexes of two AnalogChannelItems.


Assigns another AnalogChannelItem to this.


Checks whether two input channels are equal.


Returns the string representation of this input channel.

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