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The DeBayerTransform class allows you to control the automatic debayering process of IC Imaging Control.

If a BY8 Bayer video format is selected, the image data will be debayered automatically. This class allows the debayering to be controlled.

Call Grabber::getDeBayerTransform to get an instance of the DeBayerTransform class. In order to check whether IC Imaging Control is going to apply automatic debayering to the image data, call the method isActive. If the camera produces raw image data in Bayer format, but does not provide a BY8 video format, the debayering can by applied to the image data explicitly by using the DeBayer frame filter that can be loaded from the StdFilter.ftf module. For more information about debayering using the DeBayer filter, please refer to Debayering.


Header File: tisudshl.h
Namespace: DShowLib
Introduced in version 3.0


Method Description

Returns the currently active debayering algorithm.


Returns the currently selected start pattern.


Checks whether the image data is currently debayered by IC Imaging Control.


Selects the algorithm for the debayering of the image data.


Sets the pattern to determine how the algorithm interprets the pixels of the raw image data. It has to match the pattern of the first two pixels of the first line.


Enumeration Description

The tDeBayerMode enumeration is used to set the debayering algorithm.


Enumeration containing all possible bayer start patterns of the first row of the image data.

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