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Dialog Application Wizard

Dialog Application Wizard

This chapter shows how to use a project wizard to set up a Visual C++ dialog based application project that uses the library.


Since there are many things to be considered when you create a new Visual VC++ project, IC Imaging Control comes with an application wizard. This wizard creates a dialog based application. The following functionality is available as default:

  • Button handler for opening a video capture device
  • Button handler for image settings
  • Button handler for start and stop the live video
  • Automatic reload of the previously used video capture device

Optional functions are:

  • Add image processing capabilities
  • Display the result of the image processing instead of the live video

How to use

First of all, start Visual Studio 2003 as usual. As soon as the Start Page is shown, click on the New Project button. Otherwise, select File -> New -> Project from Visual Studio's menu.

The following dialog is shown:


Select the icon named IC Dialog Application. Enter a valid project name at the Name input field e.g. "ImageProcessing". Then, click on the OK button. Now, you can adjust the projects's properties:


Enter the license key that was provided with IC Imaging Control in the input field IC License Key If you are using the trial version of IC Imaging Control, please enter '0';

If you check the check box Enable image processing, the wizard inserts a class CListener in to the project. This class is inherited from GrabberListener. It will be registered as callback handler object to the Grabber. The image processing is done in the CListener object. The source code that the wizard generates illustrates how to invert an image - a basic image processing task.

If you check the check box Display the resulting image, the result of the image processing, instead of the live video is displayed in the dialog.

The input field IC Installation Path contains the installation directory of IC Imaging Control. The classlib\*\TIS_UDSHL*.LIB libraries are included from this directory. Additionally, the executable of the project is saved into these directories. This ensures that all dependencies can be solved.

When you have followed the steps discussed on this page, click on the Finish button. The project will be created by the wizard. To run the project, press the F5 key. The newly created dialog application looks like this:


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