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To implement an update filter, you have to derive from this class.

FrameFilterImpl and FrameUpdateFilterImpl

Filters that are derived from FrameFilterImpl copy image data in their transform method from a source to a destination frame.

Filters that are derived from FrameUpdateFilterImpl can analyze and modify a single buffer that is presented to them in updateInPlace.

Depending on your task, it is better to either derive from FrameFilterImpl or from FrameUpdateFilterImpl.


To get a working update filter, you need to have implemented at least the following:

To customize the behavior of the filter, you can also override:

To add a dialog box to your transform filter, you have to override methods from IFrameFilter:

To register parameters that can be queried and modified using IFrameFilter::getAvailableParameters, IFrameFilter::setParameter and IFrameFilter::getParameter, use

To derive from FrameUpdateFilterImpl, use the name of your derived class as a template parameter:

class MyFilter
    :   public DShowLib::FrameUpdateFilterImpl<MyFilter>
    // ...

Every class derived from FrameUpdateFilterImpl has to have a static method getStaticFilterInfo that returns a FilterInfo structure, containing information about the filter:

    // FrameFilterImpl implementation
    static    DShowLib::FilterInfo getStaticFilterInfo();

See Writing a Frame Filter: Binarization to see how to implement that method.


Header File: tisudshl.h
Namespace: DShowLib
Introduced in version 3.0




Method Description

This method returns whether this frame update callback modifies the presented image data. The default implementation returns true.


This method is called when a frame can be updated.

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