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Standard Mediasubtype GUIDs

Standard Mediasubtype GUIDs

Mediasubtype GUIDs are used to define color formats for FrameTypeInfo or as uncompressed video formats in MediaStreamSink::create.
Most subtypes have an equivalent in tColorformatEnum.
For a description of the pixel organization in the various color formats, have a look at the example Accessing an Image Buffer.
Constant Description
MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB24 24-bit color format, tColorformatEnum::eRGB24
MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32 32-bit color format, tColorformatEnum::eRGB32
MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB64 64-bit color format, tColorformatEnum::eRGB64. Contains data in 16-bit values. Pixel Layout: uint16_t B, G, R, x;
MEDIASUBTYPE_Y800 8-bit grayscale format, tColorformatEnum::eY800. In contrast to RGB8, the images are stored top-down.
MEDIASUBTYPE_Y16 16-bit grayscale format, tColorformatEnum::eY16.
MEDIASUBTYPE_UYVY Color format, tColorformatEnum::eUYVY. Pixel Layout: uint8_t U, Y0, V, Y1;
MEDIASUBTYPE_YUY2 Color format, tColorformatEnum::YUY2. Pixel Layout: uint8_t Y0, U, Y1, V;
MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB8 8-bit grayscale format, tColorformatEnum::eRGB8 and tColorformatEnum::eY8
MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB555 16-bit color format, tColorformatEnum::eRGB555
MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB565 16-bit color format, tColorformatEnum::eRGB565
MEDIASUBTYPE_BY8 8-bit format containing a bayer pattern, tColorformatEnum::eBY8. See Debayering for information on how to handle this format.
MEDIASUBTYPE_YGB0 10-bit grayscale format, tColorformatEnum::eYGB0
MEDIASUBTYPE_YGB1 10-bit grayscale format, tColorformatEnum::eYGB1

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