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tErrorEnum enumerates the possible error types.
Enumeration Description
eNOERROR No error occurred.
eUNKNOWN An unknown error occurred.
eDShowLib_EXCEPTION An unexpected DShowLibException occurred, please contact the producer's support department.
eUNEXPECTED_DShowLib_BEHAVIOUR DShowLib behaves unexpected, please contact the producer's support department.
eOUT_OF_MEMORY The system ran out of memory.
eWRITE_ERROR An error occurred while writing.
eNO_VIDEO_HARDWARE_FOUND No video hardware could be found on this system.
eINVALID_PARAM_VAL A function was called with an invalid parameter.
eAUTOMATION_ENABLED A property value should be changed, but automation is enabled for this property.
eNO_CURRENT_VALUE A value should be queried, but there is no value that could be returned. For example, this is the case, if the value of a property is queried, but the property does not exist on the current video capture device.
eINVALID_MEMBUFFER The format of the MemBuffer does not match the format of the frame grabber.
eMODE_ALREADY_ACTIVE The frame grabber should be put into live mode or stopped from live mode, but the requested mode is already selected.
eNO_DEVICE_OPENED There is currently no video capture device opened.
eDEVICE_INVALID The current video capture device has become invalid. This usually means it was unplugged.
eDRIVER_INSTALLATION A required driver component could not be loaded.
eNOT_AVALILABLE_WITH_CURRENT_DEVICE The called function is not available on the current video capture device.
eAUTOMATION_NOT_AVAILABLE Automation should be enabled for a specific property, but the video capture device does not support automation for this property.
eDEVICE_NOT_FOUND The requested device was not found.
eITEM_DOES_NOT_FIT_TO_DEV The given item does not fit to the current device.
eFUNC_NOT_AVAIL_IN_LIVEMODE A function that does not work when the grabber is in live mode has been called.
eFUNC_ONLY_AVAIL_IN_LIVEMODE A function that only works when the grabber is in live mode has been called.
eNOT_INITIALIZED The object has not yet been initialized.
eNO_FRAMEGRABBER_SINK The called function requires the current sink to be of type FrameGrabberSink, but another SinkType is selected.
eSERIALNUMBER_INVALID The library was not initialized with the correct serial number / license key.
eVIDEOFORMAT_INVALID The current video format is invalid.
eUNEXPECTED_SINKFORMAT_CHANGE The sink format of an avi sink or frame grabber sink changed for some unknown reason while the filter graph was being built.
eNO_EXTERNALTRANSPORT_AVAILABLE An application tries to use external transport, but the video capture device does not support external transport.
eTIMEOUT_PREMATURLY_ELAPSED An application is trying to snap images, however, no images are being delivered by the video capture device. The timeout default is 2 seconds.
ePASSED_DATA_DOES_NOT_FIT_TO_COMPRESSOR An application tries to send invalid parameters to a codec.
eOPTION_NOT_AVAILABLE An application tries to perform a feature, that is not supported by the video capture device.
eCOMPONENT_NOT_FOUND A DLL or TCA file is missing.
eNO_CODECS_FOUND There are no video compressors (codecs) found on the system.
eINCOMPATIBLE_VERSION The version of the data format passed to the function is incompatible with the function.
eREAD_ERROR An error occurred while trying to read data from a file.
eINCOMPLETE The operation was only partially successful, e.g. not all properties of the grabber could be restored.

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