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The members of this enumerations describe error conditions returned by the methods of IFrameFilter, such as getParameter or setParameter.
Enumeration Description
eNO_ERROR The operation was completed successfully.
ePARAM_NOT_FOUND The filter does not have a parameter with the specified name. To obtain a list containing valid parameters, use IFrameFilter::getAvailableParameters.
eINCOMPATIBLE_PARAM_VALUE The type of the provided value does not match the data type of the parameter. To obtain a list containing valid parameters and its types, use IFrameFilter::getAvailableParameters.
eINVALID_PARAM_VALUE The value was not accepted, e.g. because it is out of range.
eINVALID_FILTER_STATE The filter could not accept the parameter, because it is in a state that prevents the parameter from being changed, e.g. in live mode.

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