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Grabber::execI2COperation Method

Grabber::execI2COperation Method

Performs a read/write operation on the I�C bus of the currently used video capture device.
bool    execI2COperation( int dev_addr, void* write_buffer, int write_len, void* read_buffer, int read_len );
Parameter Description

The address of the I�C slave on the device to be communicated with. The address value depends on the used hardware, and is specified in its 7-bit form.


The data to write. The buffer size has to be at least write_len bytes. This pointer can be NULL, if write_len is 0.


The amount of bytes the that should be sent to the I�C slave. This value may be 0.


A buffer to receive the data read from the I�C slave. The buffer has to have a size of at least read_len bytes. This pointer can be NULL, if read_len is 0.


The number of byte to be read from the I�C slave. This value may be 0.

Return value:
Value Description
true The operation was successful.
false The operation failed.

This function gives access to internal parts of the video capture device. Please do not use it unless you have additional documentation about the specific I�C slave you are communicating with.


Introduced in version 3.4

See also: Grabber, Grabber::hasI2CInterface

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