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Grabber::setInputChannel Method

Grabber::setInputChannel Method

Sets the input channel of the currently active video capture device.
bool setInputChannel( const tInputChannelItem& inChnItem );
bool setInputChannel( DWORD channel );
bool setInputChannel( const std::string& inputchannel );
bool setInputChannel( const std::wstring& inputchannel );

Parameter Description

Specifies the input channel. A list of available input channels may be obtained by calling Grabber::getAvailableInputChannels.


Specifies the input channel as a numerical index. The index is the position of the desired input channel in the list of available input channels, starting at 0.


Specifies the input channel as a string representation.

Return value:

true, if the channel could be changed successfully, false otherwise.


Not all devices provide channels. In order to determine whether the selection of an input channel is supported by the current device you can use Grabber::hasInputChannels.

See also: Grabber, Grabber::isInputChannelAvailableWithCurDev, Grabber::hasInputChannels, Grabber::getAvailableInputChannels, Grabber::getInputChannel

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