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Grabber::setOverlayBitmapPathPosition Method

Grabber::setOverlayBitmapPathPosition Method

Sets the positions of OverlayBitmap objects in the graph.
bool setOverlayBitmapPathPosition( DWORD OVBPathPositions );
Parameter Description

Specifies the position of the OverlayBitmap objects in the graph. This can be a member of the tPathPosition enumeration or an ORed combination of them.

Return value:

true, if the operation was successful. If an error occurred, call getLastError to obtain extended error information.


You should set the positions before calling startLive. When the image stream is running you cannot change the position.

The default setting is ePP_DEVICE. If you do not need an overlay in your application, it is always a good idea to disable all overlays by calling this method with ePP_NONE.

In contrast to OverlayBitmap::setEnable, setOverlayBitmapPathPosition can not be used after live mode has been started.


Introduced in version 3.0


To enable the overlay bitmap for both sink and display, but not for the device, use ePP_SINK|ePP_DISPLAY as a parameter.

See also: Grabber, OverlayBitmap, tPathPosition, Grabber::getOverlayBitmapPathPosition

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