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OverlayBitmap::setFontBKColor Method

OverlayBitmap::setFontBKColor Method

Sets the background color for drawing text to the specified color value, or to the nearest physical color if the device cannot represent the specified color value.
bool setFontBKColor( COLORREF background );
Parameter Description

Specifies the color of the text background. The color can be specified with the RGB macro.

Return value:

true on success, false otherwise.


The background color is used to fill gaps between styled lines, gaps between hatched lines in brushes and character cells.

The text background is only visible, if the text background mode is opaque. This is to be done by a call to setFontTransparent(false). Otherwise, the text background is not drawn.

If the background color is set to the current dropout color, the background of the text is not visible.

The specified background color is used for all text drawings, until a new background color is set.

This method implements the same behavior as the GDI function SetBkColor().

See also: OverlayBitmap, OverlayBitmap::drawText, OverlayBitmap::getFontBKColor, OverlayBitmap::setFontTransparent, OverlayBitmap::getFontTransparent

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