IC Imaging Control .NET



DriverFrameDropInformationData contains data queried from the driver about how many frames were dropped sind the last start.

Instances of this class are returned by ICImagingControl.DriverFrameDropInformation.


Introduced in version 3.5


Property Description

Frames delivered at the highest driver level before handing off to DirectShow/ICImagingControl


Frames dropped due to overrunning queue on the application side. Mostly due to Callbacks taking to much time to copy data from driver buffers into application buffers


Frames dropped due to incomplete data received, either because of bandwidth problems or problems with the transportation medium.


Frames dropped in the driver, most likely because the system is too slow to transform the images from the transport format into the actual exported format.


Frames dropped due to unspecified circumstances (mostly a cop out when the driver does not provide the actual drop info)

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