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FrameExtensions is a collection of extension methods that provide common operations on IFrame objects, such as saving the image data or converting the image data into a System.Drawing.Bitmap object.

Since the members of FrameExtensions are extension methods, they can be called as if they are member functions of their first argument.

using namespace TIS.Imaging; // ... var buffer = sink.SnapSingle( TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2) ); var bitmap = buffer.CreateBitmapWrap();

The using namespace TIS.Imaging; directive is required for this to work.


Namespace: TIS.Imaging
Introduced in version 3.5


Method Description

Creates a System.Drawing.Bitmap object and copies the image contents of the IFrame parameter into it.


Creates a System.Drawing.Bitmap object which internally points to the same memory as the IFrame.


Saves the contents of the IFrame to a bitmap file on disk.


Saves the contents of the IFrame to a JPEG compressed file to disk.


Saves the contents of the IFrame as a TIFF file.

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