IC Imaging Control .NET



This enumeration contains the available error codes.
Error code Message
Unknown An unknown error occurred.
ModeAlreadyActive Mode already active.
NoDeviceOpen No device opened. You cannot alter device specific behavior without opening a device.
DeviceLost Device is lost. This may happens when the user unplugs the device from the computer.
OptionNotAvailable Option is not available.
DeviceNotFound Device not found.
OptionNotAvailableInLiveMode Option is not available in live mode.
OptionNotAvailableOutsideLiveMode Option is only available in live mode.
OptionNotAvailableWithoutFrameHandlerSink No frame handler sink set. Certain functionality does only work, if a FrameHandlerSink is set in the main object.
OptionNotAvailable_LiveDisplayDefault This option is not available, because of current LiveDisplayDefault property value.
NotAvailableOutsideSnapMode The requested operation is not available while SnapMode is false.
NotAvailableInImageAvailableExecutionModeInvoke The requested operation is not available while ImageAvailableExecutionMode is set to EventExecutionMode.Invoke. Calling SnapImage will cause a deadlock.
ObjectInvalid Object is invalid.
VCDPropertyGetFailed A get operation on a VCDProperty object failed.
VCDPropertySetFailed A set operation on a VCDProperty object failed.
FrameFilterNotFound The specified frame filter could not be found.
FrameFilterParamNotFound A parameter with this name is not available.
FrameFilterParamIncompatibleValue The parameter you passed or requested is incompatible to the current parameter.
FrameFilterParamInvalidState The filter is in a state, where the requested parameter can not be used.
NoImageBufferAvailable There is no ImageBuffer available to be returned.
TimeoutElapsed Timeout elapsed.
DataIncompatible Passed data does not fit to the compressor.
SerialNumberInvalid Serial number invalid.
OutOfMemory Deprecated. The library throws System.OutOfMemoryExceptions inplace of throwing a ICException with this value.

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