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constants.Standard Element identifiers

constants.Standard Element identifiers

The Standard Element Identifiers are used to find a VCDPropertyElement of a VCDPropertyItem.
After a VCDPropertyItem object has been retrieved with one of the Standard Property Item identifiers, the property elements of the property item can be retrieved.
The identifiers are passed to the VCDPropertyItem.Find method. The element type is used to retrieve a property element of a camera property. For example the exposure camera property can have a value and an auto element. The value element is used to retrieve and set an value (e.g. 114). The auto element is used to enable or disable automation for exposure. An interface to an element is retrieved by calling VCDPropertyElement.Find with the specifc id or specifying the right interface type as the generic parameter.
The Standard Element Identifiers are declared in the class TIS.Imaging.VCDGUIDs.
The Basic Use of VCD Properties article in the Programmer's Guide shows how to use the element identifiers.
Constant Description
VCDElement_Value Finds a value element with minimum and maximum.
VCDElement_Auto Finds an auto element for enable or disable automation of a property.
VCDElement_OnePush Finds a button element like the white balance OnePush.
VCDElement_ResetValue Retrieves the reset value element.
VCDElement_WhiteBalanceBlue Retrieves the white balance blue element of DCAM cameras.
VCDElement_WhiteBalanceRed Retrieves the white balance red element of DCAM cameras.
VCDElement_AutoReference Retrieves the auto reference value for the exposure element of the Dxx 21F04 camera series.
VCDElement_TriggerPolarity Retrieves the trigger polarity element.
VCDElement_TriggerMode Retrieves the trigger mode element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue0 Retrieves the multi slope 0 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue0 Retrieves the multi slope reset 1 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue1 Retrieves the multi slope 1 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue1 Retrieves the multi slope reset 1 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue2 Retrieves the multi slope 2 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue2 Retrieves the multi slope reset 3 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue3 Retrieves the multi slope 3 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue3 Retrieves the multi slope reset 3 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue4 Retrieves the multi slope 4 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue4 Retrieves the multi slope reset 4 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue5 Retrieves the multi slope 5 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue5 Retrieves the multi slope reset 5 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue6 Retrieves the multi slope 6 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue6 Retrieves the multi slope reset 6 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_SlopeValue7 Retrieves the multi slope 7 value element.
VCDElement_MultiSlope_ResetValue7 Retrieves the multi slope reset 7 value element.

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