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IC Imaging Control .NET

constants.Standard Interface identifiers

constants.Standard Interface identifiers

The Standard Interface identifiers are used to find interface objects of a VCDPropertyElement.
The interface of a VCDPropertyElement determines the handling of the specific property element. For example an auto element should be handled by a switch interface.
The Standard Interface identifiers are declared in the static class TIS.ImagingControl.VCDGUIDs.
The Basic Use of VCD Properties article in the Programmer's Guide shows how to use the interface identifiers.
Outside of enumeration these identifiers are rarely used. Just provide interface you want in the generic parameter of VCDPropertyItem.Find or VCDPropertyElement.Find for the right interface.
// Acquire interfaces to the range and switch interface for value and auto _brightnessRange = brightness.Find<TIS.Imaging.VCDRangeProperty>( TIS.Imaging.VCDGUIDs.VCDElement_Value ); _brightnessSwitch = brightness.Find<TIS.Imaging.VCDSwitchProperty>( TIS.Imaging.VCDGUIDs.VCDElement_Auto ); if( _brightnessSwitch == null ) { MessageBox.Show( "Automation of brightness is not supported by the current device!" ); }
Constant Description
VCDInterface_Range References a interface class of VCDRangeProperty.
VCDInterface_Switch References a interface class of VCDSwitchProperty.
VCDInterface_Button References a interface class of VCDButtonProperty.
VCDInterface_MapStrings References a interface class of VCDMapStringsProperty.
VCDInterface_AbsoluteValue References a interface class of VCDAbsoluteValueProperty.

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