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IC Imaging Control .NET

ICImagingControl.MemorySaveImage Method [Deprecated]

ICImagingControl.MemorySaveImage Method [Deprecated]

This method saves the current buffer as a .bmp file.
public void MemorySaveImage(string Filename);
Parameter Description

Specifies the filename of the image file to be saved.


The pixel format of the bitmap is determined by the ICImagingControl.MemoryCurrentGrabberColorformat property.


This method is deprecated since version 3.5.
Use the methods on the actual sink


This example opens a common dialog box for the user to select a filename and then saves an image under this name:

try { // Snap an image, if live video is running. Else use the existing image. if( ICImagingControl1.LiveVideoRunning ) { ICImagingControl1.MemorySnapImage(); } // Open a common dialog to enable the user to select a filename and save the image. System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog dialog = new System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog(); dialog.Filter = "Bitmap (*.bmp)|*.bmp"; if( dialog.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK ) { ICImagingControl1.MemorySaveImage(dialog.FileName); } } catch( Exception ex ) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); }
See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.MemorySnapImage, ICImagingControl.MemoryCurrentGrabberColorformat

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