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VCDPropertyItems.Find Method

VCDPropertyItems.Find Method

This method returns the VCDPropertyInterface that is referred by the passed item GUID, element GUID and interface type. The interface type is specified by generic type argument or the type of the out parameter.
public TInterface Find<TInterface>( GUID itemID, GUID elementID ); public VCDRangeProperty Find( GUID itemID, GUID elementID, out VCDRangeProperty itf ); public VCDSwitchProperty Find( GUID itemID, GUID elementID, out VCDSwitchProperty itf ); public VCDButtonProperty Find( GUID itemID, GUID elementID, out VCDButtonProperty itf ); public VCDMapStringsProperty Find( GUID itemID, GUID elementID, out VCDMapStringsProperty itf ); public VCDAbsoluteValueProperty Find( GUID itemID, GUID elementID, out VCDAbsoluteValueProperty itf );
Parameter Description

The item ID of the requested interface.


The element ID of the requested interface.


Output parameter receiving the requested interface.

Return Value:

If the specified element does not have an interface of the requested interface type, the function returns Nothing and null respectively.


For available property item identifier and element identifiers, see VCDGUIDs.


Introduced in version 3.4


This example retrieves and disables Exposure-Auto.

VCDSwitchProperty exposureAuto = ICImagingControl1.VCDPropertyItems.Find<VCDSwitchProperty>(VCDGUIDs.VCDID_Exposure, VCDGUIDs.VCDElement_Auto); if( exposureAuto != null ) { exposureAuto.Switch = false; }
See also: VCDPropertyItems, VCDPropertyItem, VCDPropertyInterface

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