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IC Imaging Control .NET

ICImagingControl.VideoNorm Property

ICImagingControl.VideoNorm Property

Returns or sets the video norm of the current video capture device. A list of available video norms can be obtained using the VideoNorms collection, which can be retrieved with by calling ICImagingControl.VideoNorms.
public string VideoNorm;

Only available when a device is open and valid. Not available in live mode.


When the video norm is invalidated, the default video norm is selected, which depends on the device.

The video norm depends on the current device. So changing the ICImagingControl.Device property, will invalidate the video norm.

Changing the video norm invalidates the ICImagingControl.VideoFormat property.

Note that video norms may not be supported on all video capture devices. A video camera that is connected to a frame grabber usually supports either NTSC or PAL as a video norm, and the correct one must be selected in order to get an image from the grabber. Cameras that are connected directly via USB or FireWire ports usually do not use a video norm. The ICImagingControl.VideoNormAvailable property can be used to determine whehter video norms are supported.


This example selects the first video norm supported by the current video capture device :

cboVideoFormat.Items.Clear(); if( ICImagingControl1.VideoFormats.Length > 0 ) { // If video formats have been found, add them to the combobox. foreach( VideoFormat Item in ICImagingControl1.VideoFormats ) { cboVideoFormat.Items.Add(Item.Name); } cboVideoFormat.Enabled = true; cboVideoFormat.SelectedIndex = cboVideoFormat.Items.IndexOf(ICImagingControl1.VideoFormat); } else { // No video formats have been found. cboVideoFormat.Items.Add("n/a"); cboVideoFormat.Enabled = false; cboVideoFormat.SelectedIndex = 0; }
See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.VideoNormAvailable, ICImagingControl.VideoNorms, VideoNorms

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