IC Imaging Control .NET



Complete list of all enumerations.


Enumeration Description

tAbsDimFunction enumerates all the possible dimension functions. The dimension functions describe how to map slider values to property values to achieve the best usability for your programs.


Used with BaseSink.SinkType.


The DeBayerModes enumeration is used to set the debayering algorithm.


Enumeration containing all possible bayer start patterns of the first row of the image data.


The EventExecutionMode enumeration describes the possible execution modes of an event, such as the ICImagingControl.ImageAvailable event.

ExternalTransportModes (deprecated)

The ExternalTransportModes represent the modes that can set, by calling ICImagingControl.ExternalTransportMode


Used with FrameQueueSink.


The ICImagingControlColorformats represent the formats that specify the pixel depth of all image buffers. The pixel depth of all image buffers is set with a call to ICImagingControl.MemoryCurrentGrabberColorformat


The members of this enumeration are used to set the color format of the OverlayBitmap, using OverlayBitmap.ColorMode.


PathPositions enumerates the possible positions of the OverlayBitmap in the image stream.


StandardContainer enumerates the available MediaStreamContainer.

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