Select Device Dialog

This dialog allows you to select and open a supported video capture device that is present on the system and has not been opened so far.

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Select a Device

The list box "Available Video Capture Devices" lists all supported devices that are present on the system and have not been opened so far. If the device and the device driver are able to return a serial number, the serial number is displayed below the device name. This makes it possible to distinguish between different devices of the same type. After one device has been selected, it may be opened by clicking on the OK button.


Opens the currently selected device and opens a window to display a live image.


Closes the dialog without opening a device.


Displays this text.


If a device is connected to the computer while this dialog is open, you can click on "Refresh" in order to make it appear in the list box. The same is true, if a device is removed while this dialog is open. After removing a device, you can click on "Refresh" in order to update the list box.

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