Dialog Reference

This section describes all available dialogs.

Device Properties Dialog

This dialog allows all properties of the currently active device to be modified. The properties are automatically grouped in to several dialog pages. The properties that are not supported by the device are not displayed.

Histogram Dialog

This dialog displays histogram(s) for the currently displayed image. If the option "Visualize Zeros" is checked, all zeros in the histogram will be visualized with a vertical yellow line.

Recording Control Dialog

Using this dialog, a video file can be set up and recording can be started. The dialog works in a very similar way to the Recording Bar, but provides a little bit more information.

Recording Settings Dialog

This dialog allows the settings for video recording to be specified. For more information on recording videos, please refer to the Recording Bar and Recording Control Dialog.

Select Device Dialog

This dialog allows you to select and open a supported video capture device that is present on the system and has not been opened so far.

Select Region of Interest Dialog

This dialog contains controls to specify the exact position and dimensions of a region of interest.

Sequence Settings Dialog

This dialog allows the settings for grabbing a sequence of single images to be specified. For more information on grabbing image sequences, please refer to the Image Sequence Bar.

Sequence Timer Dialog

Using this dialog, you can start or stop automatic image sequences.

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