IC Capture 2.5 Help


Welcome to IC Capture, the hassle free application for acquiring images and videos from DirectShow devices as:

Product photo Dxx 21F04 Product photo DFG/1394-1e Product photo DFG/1394-1e image

IC Capture was built with IC Imaging Control. With IC Imaging Control, you are able to add image acquisition capabilities to your application with only a few lines of code. A full functioning trial version can be downloaded using this link: www.imagingcontrol.com/ic/downloads/trial/

This manual is organized as follows:

System Requirements

This section describes the minimum configuration which is required to run this application.

Getting Started

This section describes how to open a device, adjust basic settings and save AVIs and images to disk.

Toolbar Reference

Toolbars provide a more convenient access to properties and commands than using the menu or dialogs. Toolbars may be displayed or hidden using the view menu and/or the Toolbar Manager.

Command Reference

All commands that can be invoked using menus or toolbars are described in this section.

Dialog Reference

This section describes all available dialogs.