ICImagingControl.LoadShowSaveDeviceState Method

This executes the sequence ICImagingControl.LoadDeviceStateFromFile then ICImagingControl.ShowDeviceSettingsDialog and when a device was opened ICImagingControl.SaveDeviceStateToFile while ignoring errors. Then it returns the state of ICImagingControl.DeviceValid.
public Sub LoadShowSaveDeviceState( filename As String ) As Boolean
public bool LoadShowSaveDeviceState( string filename );
Parameter Description

The name of a device settings file to be passed to LoadDeviceStateFromFile and SaveDeviceStateToFile. If this is nullptr this parameter is ignored, and neither LoadDeviceStateFromFile nor SaveDeviceStateToFile is executed.

Return Value:

This function returns the value of ICImagingControl.DeviceValid.


This function is used to reduce the code to write small sample applications.


Introduced in version 3.5

See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.LoadDeviceStateFromFile, ICImagingControl.SaveDeviceStateToFile, ICImagingControl.ShowDeviceSettingsDialog, ICImagingControl.DeviceValid

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