ICImagingControl.MemorySaveImageSequence Method [Deprecated]

This method saves a sequence of images as a sequence of single .bmp files.
public void MemorySaveImageSequence(int SequenceLength, string Filename);
Parameter Description

Specifies the number of images to be saved.


Specifies the base filename of the image files to be saved. It must contain a "*" character, which will be replaced by a frame number. For example, specifying a SequenceLength of 3 and "c:\test*.bmp" as a Filename will create the 3 files "c:\test000.bmp", "c:\test001.bmp" and "c:\test002.bmp".


This method is deprecated since version 3.5.
Use the methods on the actual sink

See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.MemorySnapImageSequence, ICImagingControl.ImageRingBufferSize

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