ICImagingControl.MemorySnapImageSequence Method [Deprecated]

This method captures a sequence of still images from a live video stream and stores the images in a list of internal buffers. The images can be saved to individual files using the ICImagingControl.MemorySaveImageSequence method.
public void MemorySnapImageSequence(int ImageCount); public void MemorySnapImageSequence(int ImageCount, int timeoutInMs);
Parameter Description

Specifies number of images to be captured.


Specifies the snap timeout value in milliseconds.


When LiveCaptureContinuous is true, MemorySnapImageSequence throws a ICException with the error code NotAvailableOutsideSnapMode.


This method is deprecated since version 3.5.
Use the methods on the actual sink


The following code snippet shows how to snap 10 images from the video live stream using a timeout of 3000ms. The snapped images will be shown in a PictureBox:

// Use 10 image buffers. ICImagingControl1.ImageRingBufferSize = 10; ICImagingControl1.LiveStart(); try { // Use a timeout of 3000ms. ICImagingControl1.MemorySnapImageSequence(10, 3000); // Show the snapped images in a PictureBox. foreach( TIS.Imaging.ImageBuffer Img in ICImagingControl1.ImageBuffers ) { pictureBox1.Image = Img.Bitmap; pictureBox1.Update(); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000); } } catch( ICException Ex ) { MessageBox.Show(Ex.Message, "MemorySnapImage Error"); } ICImagingControl1.LiveStop();
See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.MemorySaveImageSequence, ICImagingControl.ImageRingBufferSize

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