ICImagingControl.DeviceFrameRates Property

Returns a collection of frame rates supported by the video capture device. May be empty if the device does not support frame rates.
public DeviceFrameRate[] DeviceFrameRates;

Run time only, read only. Only available when an ICImagingControl.Device is open and valid.


This example shows how to fill the a combo box named lstFrameRateList with the framerates the video capture device supports:

// Do not forget to clear the combobox. lstFrameRateList.Items.Clear(); // Get all frame rates from the DeviceFrameRates collection // and fill the combobox with the frame rates. foreach( float Rate in ICImagingControl1.DeviceFrameRates ) { lstFrameRateList.Items.Add(Rate); }
See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.DeviceFrameRates, ICImagingControl.DeviceFrameRateAvailable, ICImagingControl.DeviceFrameRate

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