ICImagingControl.Devices Property

Returns a collection of all available video capture devices.
public Device[] Devices;

Run time only, read only.


This example displays all available video capture devices in a combo box. If no video capture devices are installed, the text "no devices found" will be displayed in the combo box. In this case the combo box will be disabled. The combo box for the video capture devices is named "cboVideoSource" in this example.

cboVideoSource.Items.Clear(); if( ICImagingControl1.Devices.Length > 0 ) { // If devices have been found, add them to the combobox. foreach( Device Dev in ICImagingControl1.Devices ) { cboVideoSource.Items.Add(Dev.Name); } cboVideoSource.Enabled = true; cboVideoSource.SelectedIndex = cboVideoSource.Items.IndexOf(ICImagingControl1.Device); } else { // No devices have been found. cboVideoSource.Items.Add("no devices found"); cboVideoSource.Enabled = false; cboVideoSource.SelectedIndex = 0; }

A complete example of how to get the video capture device properties can be found in Making Device Settings.

See also: ICImagingControl, Devices, Device

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