ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayDefault Property

Returns or enables the use of the default size and position of the video display window.
public bool LiveDisplayDefault;

Whether the size of the live video window can be changed or not can be toggled with the LiveDisplayDefault property. If LiveDisplayDefault returns True, the size of the live video window can not be adjusted. If LiveDisplayDefault is set to False, the size and position of the live video window can be adjusted to the application's needs.

If the LiveDisplayDefault is set to True, the values of LiveDisplayHeight and LiveDisplayWidth are reset to the video format's height and width. Also, the values of LiveDisplayTop and LiveDisplayLeft are reset to 0.

See also: ICImagingControl, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayHeight, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayLeft, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayTop, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayWidth, ICImagingControl.LiveDisplayZoomFactor, ICImagingControl.ScrollBarsEnabled

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